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I graduated from the University of Utah School of Music where I studied music composition and piano performance. Since then, I have worked in several capacities as composer of films and video games, orchestrator, music editor, sound designer, voice over producer, and production audio engineer. Some of the films I have worked on have premiered at some of the most prestigious film festivals in the world including the Sundance Film Festival and South by Southwest. I have worked as an orchestrator on my own music as well as that of other composers and performing groups including the duo Air Supply and the band Vadawave where my work has been played by professional orchestras including the San Diego Symphony and The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. My work as a sound designer and voice over producer for web content at the University of Utah is heard by tens of millions of users every year. I also avidly write experimental/academic concert music- many of my pieces have enjoyed performance by outstanding musicians, including many of Utah Symphony, and have been performed at several Universities across the country. 

I pride myself on being able to compose music in virtually any style required of me. I have written in a broad range of compositional disciplines including: baroque counterpoint, romantic, traditional film music, minimalism, atonal/12-tone, jazz, folk, rock, pop, synth, electronic dance music, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Since I'm a classically trained composer, I'm well versed in the finer details of writing for traditional orchestra, and have a fervent passion for writing for live musicians. In my humble opinion, most music isn't ever truly finished until it has at least one live musician breathing life into it. As you may hear in my demos, my passion really lies in the realm of chamber music- simply meaning small groups and soloists. 

I love chamber music so much that I formed my own string ensemble called Quartet Macabre. The musicians of the quartet are outstanding passionate musicians I often record directly in to my own film scores. As a fun side project, we also put on concerts and record covers of iconic music from horror films and video games. You can learn more about Quartet Macabre and watch some of our videos by clicking here

In my spare time I enjoy watching lots of horror movies and documentaries with my husband Jace, and hiking in the mountains with my dogs. I also play lots of retro video games having grown up playing lots of classic Nintendo. I'm a Utah native, so of course I also enjoy whitewater rafting, skiing, and backpacking.

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  • (in production) The Atomic Spawn (2019) - composer (short film)

  • (in production) Ashes to Ashes (2019) - composer (short documentary)

  • Perception (2019) - music editor, additional music (feature documentary)

  • Snatchers: Season 3 (2019) - additional music (series)

  • Snatchers (2019) - additional music composer (feature film)

  • Snatchers: Season 2 (2019) - music editor, additional music (series)

  • A Gift of Life (2018) - composer, sound mixer (short documentary)

  • Chasing the Dragon (2018) - composer (short film)

  • The Appearance (2018) - music editor, additional music (feature film)

  • Tomorrow's Shores (2018) - composer (short film)

  • American Fright Fest (2017) - composer (feature film)

  • Shelter (2017) - composer (short film)

  • Snatchers: Season 1 (2017) - music editor (series)

  • Stockhom (2016) - composer (feature documentary)

  • Entanglement (2016) - composer (short film)

  • Romeo & Juliet (2016) - composer (feature film)

  • The Original (2015) - composer (short film)

  • Safe Inside (2015) - composer (feature film)

  • Contagion Machine (2015) - composer (short film)

  • Hamlet (2015) - composer (feature film)


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Concert Music

  • (in production) Quartet Macabre - Music of Nintendo ( 2019) - concert director, music arranger, pianist

  • (in production) Elegy for Luane (2019) - composer (piano quintet)

  • (in production) Monster Cemetery Piece (2019) - composer (mixed chamber ensemble piece)

  • Zapruder: Threnody for a Widow (2017) - composer (cello, piano, clarinet trio)

  • An October Evening (2016-2017) - music arrangements, pianist

  • Quartet Macabre - Music of Horror Cinema (2015) - concert director, music arranger, pianist

  • King Magus (2014) - composer (viola, harp, flute trio)

  • Thread (2014) - composer (string quartet)

  • Undergraduate Portfolio (2013) - composer (misc. chamber & orchestral music)

  • Zeitgeist 2001 (2013) - composer (string orchestra)

  • Utah Buddhist Arts Festival (2013) - event director

  • Fevers (2012) - composer (chamber music)

  • White Crane (2012) - composer (two piano four hands)

  • Salty Cricket Composers Collective (2010-2014) - composer (misc. chamber music)


Podcast Theme Music

  • Horror Movie Podcast

  • Universal Monsters Cast

  • Color Me Dead

  • Cinema Science



I would not be surprised to find Kagan working on major, big-budget productions within 5-10 years. He is insanely talented, communicates well, thinks creatively, and always finds the right feeling for each project. His final scores are nuanced, well-balanced, and consistently exceed expectations. What more do you want in a composer? For my money, this is the guy you go to first every time.
— Sam Katz - director "Stockham"
Working with Kagan was an easy and creatively rewarding experience. His own creative strengths are there to compliment yours and he listens and responds in every step of the process until your vision is realized.
— Lindsey Petersen - director "Puddles"
Working with Kagan was an absolute honor. Everything he delivered was right on time, his work flow was intuitive, and best of all the score he composed was magnificent. I’m happy to say that his music made the film.
— Arthur Veenema - director "Entanglement"
Kagan is nothing but professional and easy to work with. He had the interests of my film at heart throughout and was able to create something unique, form-fitting, and special that brought my film to another level.
— Stephen Payant - director "Languish"
Kagan Breitenbach is brilliant.

What I mean by that is that he is motivated, artistically inspiring, technically gifted, and immensely understanding. He always finds exactly what you are looking for, but still retains his own musical voice: a crucial personality trait when it comes to film collaboration.

The first time I met with Kagan to work on Hamlet we spent several hours talking about the tone and feel that would be required of the music. I had previously had two different scores from other composers done for the film, and each had left something to be desired. I wanted to make sure that this time around would not be a disappointment, and that the music wouldn’t just be a companion to the visuals, but could tell the entire story on it’s own. After that long discussion, Kagan took me to his keyboard and played a couple ideas that he had been having during our conversation. Right away, I knew that Kagan had understood everything that I was looking for just by his raw concepts.

Too often, especially in Utah, we settle for “good enough” when it comes to film music. Scores and soundtracks are often only characterized by broad strokes of general emotion. With Kagan, you get so much more: nuance, subtlety, thematic structure, and a score that feels like a complete journey instead of separate tracks.

Once again I say, Kagan Breitenbach is brilliant.
— Alek Sabin - director "Hamlet"
Kagan Breitenbach was the only composer I ever chose to work with as a filmmaker as he worked incredibly hard to give his best work always. I always went to him for composition, as I knew he was more than reliable, more than creative, more than collaborative, and more than reasonable in his rates. I recommend Kagan to anyone seeking a composer.
— Dylan Moses Griffin - director "Cool Beans"
After hearing some of Kagan’s work I asked him to score a short horror film. Kagan intuitively knew the kind of atmosphere I wanted and provided a perfect score after the first meeting. Kagan interwove both technical prowess and a haunting melody that only a true artist could create.
— Christian Dives - director "Caveat Emptor"