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live recordings from my concert "Quartet Macabre" - oct 2015


I'm a classically trained composer and pianist. I graduated from the University of Utah School of Music with a degree in music composition. Since then I have composed music for several short and feature films, video games, web content, and the concert hall. 

While working primarily in the medium of film and video games, I'm also the in house composer and sound designer for new materials created at the Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah. 

In my spare time I enjoy watching lots of movies (especially documentaries and horror films). I also enjoy retro video games, and I love to make covers of the music from them. I'm a Utah native, so of course I also enjoy whitewater rafting, skiing, and backpacking.



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(in production) Stockhom (2015) - composer (feature documentary)
(in production) The Seven Sins of Memory (2015) - composer & producer (short film)
(in production) Seeking Heartwood (2015) - composer (feature documentary)
The Original (2015) - composer (short film)
Safe Inside (2015) - composer (feature film)
Image on the Wall (2015) - composer (short film)
Oppenheimer's Anguish (2014) - composer & editor (short film)
Puddles (2014) - composer (short film)
Caveat Emptor (2013) - composer (short film)
Hamlet (2013) - composer (feature film)
Languish (2012) - composer (short film)
Cool Beans (2012) - composer (short film)
Skin and Bones (2011) - composer (short film)

Video Games and Web

(in production) New Tour of the Basics (2015) - composer, sound design, producer (voice over), (online videos)
All is Dust (2015) - composer (Oculus Rift Game)
Pigeon Breeding (2014) - composer, sound design, producer (voice over), (video game)
Touch: Neuroscience of our Senses (2014) - composer, sound design, producer (voice over), iPad/iPhone app
The Human Microbiome (2013) - composer, sound design, producer (voice over), (5 online interactives)
Gender Differences in Diverse Community (2014) - engineer (5 videos)
CCTS 50th Anniversart Video (2014) - composer, engineer (video)
Astobiology (2012) - composer, producer (voice over), (2 online interactives)
Mathematics (2012) - composer, sound design, producer (voice over),(4 videos)
Meth Mouse (2012) - sound design, composer (online game)
Newborn Screening (2012) - composer (3 videos)

Concert Music

(in developement) Quartet Macabre - Music of Horror Cinema (2015) - director (concert), arranger, pianist
King Magus (2014) - composer (chamber piece)
Thread (2014) - composer (string quartet)
Undergraduate Portfolio (2013) - composer (chamber & orchestral music)
Zeitgeist 2001 (2013) - composer (string orchestra)
Utah Buddhist Arts Festival (2013) - director (concert)
Fevers (2012) - composer (chamber music)
White Crane (2012) - composer (two piano four hands piece)
Salty Cricket Composers Collective (2010-2014) - composer (chamber music)

Music Production

(in production) Project Caracatacus (2015) - composer/producer
The Peaces (2014) - producer (EP)
Of Loins Of Lions (2014) - producer (EP)
Dear Santa/A Loenly Carol (2014) - producer (EP)
Sweet Dreams (2013) - producer (single)
XOX (2010) - producer (EP)
Four Solo Project Albums (2007-2009) - producer (LPs)


Working with Kagan was an easy and creatively rewarding experience. His own creative strengths are there to compliment yours and he listens and responds in every step of the process until your vision is realized.
— Lindsey Petersen - director "Puddles"
Working with Kagan was an absolute honor. Everything he delivered was right on time, his work flow was intuitive, and best of all the score he composed was magnificent. I’m happy to say that his music made the film.
— Arthur Veenema - director "Image on the Wall"
Kagan is nothing but professional and easy to work with. He had the interests of my film at heart throughout and was able to create something unique, form-fitting, and special that brought my film to another level.
— Stephen Payant - director "Languish"
The first time I met with Kagan to work on Hamlet we spent several hours talking about the tone and feel that would be required of the music. I had previously had two different scores from other composers done for the film, and each had left something to be desired. I wanted to make sure that this time around would not be a disappointment, and that the music wouldn’t just be a companion to the visuals, but could tell the entire story on it’s own. After that long discussion, Kagan took me to his keyboard and played a couple ideas that he had been having during our conversation. Right away, I knew that Kagan had understood everything that I was looking for just by his raw concepts.

With Kagan, you get so much more: nuance, subtlety, thematic structure, and a score that feels like a complete journey instead of separate tracks.
— Alek Sabin - director "Hamlet"
Kagan Breitenbach was the only composer I ever chose to work with as a filmmaker as he worked incredibly hard to give his best work always. I always went to him for composition, as I knew he was more than reliable, more than creative, more than collaborative, and more than reasonable in his rates. I recommend Kagan to anyone seeking a composer.
— Dylan Moses Griffin - director "Cool Beans", "Skin & Bones"
After hearing some of Kagan’s work I asked him to score a short horror film. Kagan intuitively knew the kind of atmosphere I wanted and provided a perfect score after the first meeting. Kagan interwove both technical prowess and a haunting melody that only a true artist could create.
— Christian Dives - director "Caveat Emptor", "Oppenheimer's Anguish"