Vote for your favorites, then listen to Horror Movie Podcast to hear the results!

Hear Round 1 Results on HMP 101 - SLASHERS 1980-1981

Hear Round 2 Results on HMP 102 - SLASHERS 1982-1983

Hear Round 3 Results on HMP 103 - SLASHERS 1984-1985

Hear Semifinal Results on HMP 104 - SLASHERS 1986-1989

see rules and full tournament bracket below


Slasher Madness is a tournament where classic 80s slasher movies are pitted head to head to see which is the favorite of the Horror Movie Podcast Community. 

The tournament will consist of 4 rounds and a final where the HMP Community will vote on the head to head choices. Each week, the votes will be checked to see which films advance to the next rounds. 

Listeners should vote as if the movie they choose gets to survive and the movie they didn’t vote for gets hacked to pieces and will never be seen again.

Please only vote once. Results of each round will be hidden and then announced on the newest episode of Horror Movie Podcast.